Important Guidelines & Tips

For BEST results with your quilt, keep in mind the following:

Trim and square your top to the final size. Measurements from left side, middle, and right side should all be the same. Measurements from top, middle, and bottom should also be the same to avoid puckers.

No pins, basting, nor embelishments.

Both quilt top & backing should be square & pressed flat; free of dirt, hair, and loose threads.

Backing fabric must be 12 inches wider than your top, and 12 inches longer than your top.

If backing fabric is pieced, use a 1/2 or 5/8 inch seam allowance, preferrably with a horizontal seam. The seam should be pressed open.

Print fabric is suggested for the back as starts, stops, & backtracks are not as visible.

All fabric selvages must be removed from the backing material.

Bed sheets are NOT acceptable backing material for quilts due to their high thread count which can cause tension issues.

If you have a preference as to which is the top  and bottom for the quilt top and backing, please indicate that on a piece of paper pinned to the fabric.

If your quilt top does not have borders, place a stay stitch 1/8 inch from the edge around the entire perimeter. This will secure your seams and prevent them from separating under tension when loaded on the machine.

If your borders have a bias edge to the outside, place a stay stitch 1/8 inch from the edge around the entire perimeter to stabilize it.

I use Urban Elementz, Munich Designs, Anne Bright, and Quilts Complete qulting designs. If you have a specific pattern request, let me know your preference.

The thread (Glide or Superior) used on the top will be the same as in the bobbin.

I use Hobbs 80/20 cotton polyester as well as Hobbs Wool batting. One or two layers of batting can be used for your quilt.

I am not responsible for quilting problems due to piecing problems that occur on the quilt top which may lead to tuck, pleats, and/or puckers.

Ship your top & backing enclosed in a large plastic bag to prevent damage should water be encountered during shipping.

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